We turn plastic waste into sustainable building materials

Plástico Fantástico is a social enterprise seeking to develop principles of circular economy in the construction industry of Mozambique 🇲🇿

Plástico Fantástico has set up a plastic recycling workshop in Maputo and is currently developing beams made of recycled plastic for low-cost construction of roof structures. Additional components will be developed in the future.

Two birds one stone:

Problem 1
Timber rafters rot quickly
Problem 2
Plastic waste in the environment
Our Solution
Plastic beams made out of plastic waste

What we do:

Collect and sort plastic waste
Shred the collected plastic waste
Extrude beams out of the shredded plastic
Use plastic beams in construction
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In collaboration with Casa Melhoradas
Inspired by Precious Plastic
Supported by EDA DEZA